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Alisal Ranch Blog & News

Welcome to the Alisal Ranch Blog. We love posting stories about the happenings around the Ranch and keeping you updated with the latest tidbits and tales. You’ll find a little bit of everything here and then some. We love hearing about stories from guests so if you’ve got something to say, just let us know by sending us a message.Looking for photos or videos that we post? We don’t always add those to the Ranch Blog but we do add them to our Alisal Photos & Videos Gallery.

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At The Barn

These days The Alisal barnyard is alive with new snorts, squeals and squawks, as we welcome in a passel of new critters just waiting to meet you.

Bistro Chocolate Cake by Valerie Gordon

With The Alisal’s 10,000-acre working cattle ranch and world-class resort as a backdrop, celebrity dessert expert, author and chocolatier, Valerie Gordon, offers up a simple recipe for creating a luscious Bistro Chocolate Cake.

Outdoor Dining at The Alisal

The countryside around The Alisal is filled with bountiful farms, and vineyards alive with summertime sunshine. It’s only natural that at this time of year, the emphasis of Chef Endy’s menus is on bright, fresh, lively flavors.

Riders of the Alisal Newsletter for Spring 2019

This issue of “Riders of The Alisal” is brimming with stories and updates. Enjoy reading about our sunny, springtime activities, Caiti Price our featured wrangler, Charger, our featured horse, and the fabulous, fresh dining available this season.

BBQ Bootcamp Chefs

The BBQ Bootcamp sessions, featuring Chefs Burt Bakman, Frank Ostini, Paula Disbrowe (author of “Cowgirl Cuisine”), and Chocolatier Valerie Gordon, cover all aspects of BBQ from starting a fire to spice rubs to grilled desserts.


Service Charges

The Alisal's 20% service charge is intended to eliminate the need for our guests to tip individual employees, as well as cover the cost of a variety of amenities provided to our guests. These include two water canteens and a bottle of Alisal wine at check-in, daily newspapers, complimentary WiFi internet access, fitness center, complimentary shuttles to and from Solvang village center, nightly hors d'oeuvres in the Oak Room bar, complimentary bicycles, wine tasting with Alisal wine partners, scheduled and seasonal entertainment and a variety of children's activities including barnyard and Kid's arts and crafts room.