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BBQ Recipes from Alisal Ranch & Big Green Egg

If you have never seen a Big Green Egg before, the sight may come as a surprise. These large, green, bumpy looking spheres aren’t pods from an alien universe, they are the latest in state-of-the-art grilling technology. The Ranch is pleased to have partnered with the makers of the Big Green Egg grills. We use Big Green Eggs for grilling, smoking and even baking up some mouthwatering treats for our lucky guests. The Big Green Egg Company was founded in 1974, by American entrepreneur Ed Fisher, who over the years, has refined an ancient cooking technology that traces its origins to the Chinese Qin Dynasty.

Below you will find a tasty “how to” video on ways you can use your own Big Green Egg.

Black & Blue Bread Pudding

Chef Gordon was recently at Alisal Ranch and demonstrated how outdoor Big Green Egg cookers can be used to make mouthwatering baked goods. Her recipe blends plump blackberries and blueberries into a scrumptious jam, then combines freshly made custard with bits of torn brioche bread to create her Black & Blue Bread Pudding. All of this yumminess is created by using a cast iron pot over a live flame and then baked in an iron skillet.

Cast Iron New Potatoes

Sometimes simple things done really well can create a magnificent experience. That philosophy has guided Alisal anch for over six decades and it is the inspiration behind Executive Chef Endy’s popular recipe – Cast Iron New Potatoes. The dish blends fingerling new potatoes, charred sweet onions and leeks, topped with an ample helping of zingy jalapeño butter. Chef Endy uses his Big Green Egg outdoor cooker and an old-fashioned cast iron skillet to create side dish magic. Served up with a juicy steak, or fresh seafood, you have all the makings of a memorable Alisal feast.

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Sticky Mezcal Toffee Pudding

If you have a sweet tooth and an appreciation for adult beverages, this Mezcal Pudding whipped up at Alisal Ranch, is a treat not to be missed. Using, a sturdy cast iron skillet, and a couple of Big Green Egg Cookers, noted chocolatier, Valerie Gordon, shares her simple, but oh-so-decadent recipe with you. Spoiler alert, it contains plenty of gooey caramel, a few flavorful dates and an ample helping of Mexican Mezcal, a spirit derived from the agave plant.

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Shrimp Skewers — Alisal Style

Watch as Chef Endy takes simple ingredients, grilled in state-of-the-art Big Green Egg cookers and turns them into a Western feast. You can almost taste the plump grilled shrimp and smoky sausage in this video.

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Bistro Chocolate Cake

In this video you will get step-by-step directions for creating dessert perfection, using Big Green Egg cookers, quality ingredients and some time honored outdoor cooking methods. The result is a dense, delicious, chocolaty treat that would feel right at home in a fine Parisian restaurant.

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Smoked Beef Ribs

WARNING: If you do not want to develop a craving for tender, juicy, grilled beef ribs please do not watch this video. For all others enjoy! You will learn the tips and tricks for creating flavorful delicious ribs using Chef Endy’s recipe and the Big Green Egg. Learn it all, from the cut of meat and the special seasonings, to the ingredients in the scrumptious finishing glaze. In no time, you too can cook up smokin’ good ribs like a grill master!

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